Payment and Policies

Registration for NASS Hawaii
Begin: July 1, 2018
Close: February 15, 2019

“Submit” your completed Registration Form and Payment online: PayPal accepts all major credit cards.

If you cancel any of the events you registered and paid for, the request for refund must be made in writing. The following schedule applies:
Between June 30, 2018 and September 29, 2018 – 100% will be refunded (full refund)
Between September 30, 2018 and January 30, 2019 – 80% will be refunded
Between January 30 and March 1, 2019 – 50% will be refunded.
After March 1, 2019, no refunds.

Please note that if you make any changes to any of the events you registered and paid for there will be a charge of $20.00. A $20.00 change fee does not apply to registering for additional workshops. Changes not only takes our staff time but also generates a fee by PayPal to NASS Hawaii.

Workshop Waiting List Policy
There will be no waiting list for any of the events. We encourage you to register early. Reservations for the Iemoto Performance/ Demonstration at Kennedy Theater and all the workshops will be on a first-come, first- served basis.

If there are spaces available for the Iemoto Akane Teshigahara Performance/Demonstration and the Workshops, the list will be posted at the Registration Desk. We accept Cash and Checks ONLY.

For Questions please email us at: